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  2. Student from Arkhangelsk held a one-person picket in support of the Set* case convicts

Student from Arkhangelsk held a one-person picket in support of the Set* case convicts

Karina Zabolotnaya, photo by Alexander Peskov
Darya Poryadina ("My Russia is in prison")
Photo by Alexander Peskov
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In Arkhangelsk, on February 15, Darya Poryadina, student of the faculty of journalism, held a one-person picket in support of the convicts in the Set* (‘Network’) case. The young woman held the action at the building of the FSB on Troitsky Avenue. She reported this in her Instagram account.

Darya Poryadina came to the building of the FSB with handmade poster "My Russia is in prison".

— I heard about the Set* case in 2018 from the media, but now that the court's decision was announced, I really understood the horror of the situation. I believe that the defendants in the case were convicted illegally, since there is no substantial evidence of their guilt. Sentencing to a real jail time (and such a long one) when all the evidence is a video of airsoft and testimony obtained under torture is ridiculous and criminal. It hurts me that in modern Russia, in order to beat the testimony out, cruel tortures are used. It shouldn't be like this. I am concerned that everyone could be in the same situation if the tables were turned: me or my friends. When you need to put a person in jail in order to rise the rank and improve the crime detection rate – you can start a case against anyone. I believe that this violates the rights of citizens, so I decided to hold a picket, — she told the correspondent of 7x7.

The picket lasted about 30 minutes. Police officers approached the student to check her documents. There were no arrests.

On February 10, in Penza, the Privolzhsky District Military Court announced the sentences of Ilya Shakursky, Dmitry Pchelintsev, Arman Sagynbayev, Vasily Kuksov, Andrey Chernov, Mikhail Kulkov, and Maxim Ivankin — the seven defendants in the Set* case. The court found them guilty of organizing and participating in a terrorist association and sentenced them to terms ranging from 6 to 18 years. On the same day, Moscow anarchists staged a singsong in support of the convicts outside the courthouse. In the evening of February 10, four Moscow activists — Olga Misik, Anna Loyko, Sergey Zapolnov and Nikolay Sokolov — were detained at the railway station. They were later released without a report. Actions were also held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Norwegian Kirkenes.

You can find more information about the Set case* in the special section of the 7x7’s website.

*Set (‘Network’) is a terrorist organization banned in Russia.


* В материале упомянута организация , деятельность которой запрещена в РФ
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