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  2. Residents of Lipetsk are collecting signatures on a petition to cancel digital badges introduced due to coronavirus

Residents of Lipetsk are collecting signatures on a petition to cancel digital badges introduced due to coronavirus

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A petition in which residents of Lipetsk ask Governor of the region Igor Artamonov to cancel digital badges to get around the city appeared on the Change.org website. People refer to the fact that this restriction is contrary to the law and makes some residents completely unable to leave their houses.

According to the decree signed by Igor Artamonov on April 15, residents must get a nine-digit code to leave their houses. To do this, you need to call a toll free phone number providing the passport series and number and the purpose of obtaining a badge. The code is sent to cell phones in a text message, if you ar using a corded phone, it is told by the interactive voice response.

The authors of the petition believe that freedom of movement can only be restricted if the regime of emergency is introduced. They write that they are self-isolated for choice, but they ask not to violate their rights with stricter measures. They particularly meant the collection of personal data for the issuance of electronic badges.

- These measures of the "high-alert" mode restrict the constitutional rights of citizens even more than the regime of emergency does. <...> When telephoning his passport data on the number mentioned above, a citizen of the Russian Federation does not consent to personal data processing, - write residents of Lipetsk.

The residents consider discrimination of those people who do not have phones when issuing digital codes to be another violation:

- These people have been switched to a mode of prohibition and inability to go outside in order to buy medicines and food under the threat of illegal fines and other intimidatory measures, - the petition says.

As of 16:20 on April 19, it was signed by more than 2,700 people.

In many regions of Russia, people are not satisfied with the restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, residents of Vologda, Syktyvkar, Moscow, Orenburg, Tyumen and Yekaterinburg are trying to appeal against the introduction of forced self-isolation.

In Samara, people demand to cancel the curfew, in Moscow, Moscow Oblast and Nizhny Novgorod — to cancel QR-codes.

People collect signatures for an all-Russian petition on the Change.org website demanding to cancel self-isolation and introduce the regime of emergency and quarantine.


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