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  2. Fish "held" a rally against trash pickup from Pskov to the district landfill on the ice of Lake Peipus

Fish "held" a rally against trash pickup from Pskov to the district landfill on the ice of Lake Peipus

Ivan Zhuravkov
Photo from the Citizens of the Gdov Krai Community
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In the Gdov District, fishermen organized a “rally” of fish against trash pickup from Pskov to a landfill in the village of Bragino. The action took place on the ice of Lake Peipus, a few kilometers away from the landfill. The photo was published in the Citizens of the Gdov Krai Community on vk.com.

In the picture, five fish lie in the snow on the ice of the lake with posters "Say no to Pskov garbage in the Gdov District", "He who comes to us waste in hand, by the waste shall perish", "Do not take out thrash from your home to ours", "Let's protect Lake Peipus from Pskov garbage".

The following appeal was attached to the anonymous post:

"As mute as a fish — sometimes they say so about a silent person. But in fact, many fish are able to make different sounds. Do not be mute when the future of our region is on the line."

Administrator of the Citizens of the Gdov Krai Community Konstantin Gorozhanko told 7x7 that fishermen who had asked not to be named had sent him the photo. The "rally" itself was held on March 22.

“People see the impending threat, look for any ways to stop the pickup of thousands of tons of Pskov garbage to the Peipus coast. The deputies have sent an appeal to the president, about a thousand residents have signed a petition at this moment, the Club of City Old-Timers sent a letter to the ‘environmental’ Deputy Prime Minister of the government Viktoriya Abramchenko. And the fishermen have organized and held a ‘fish rally’ on the lake,” Gorozhanko commented on the post.

The plans of the administration of Pskov Oblast and the regional operator for the solid municipal waste management to take garbage from Pskov to the Gdov District were reported for the first time in the Citizens of the Gdov Krai Community on March 15. A day later, the official Telegram channel of the region published a post stating that they planned to use the landfill for two or three years before the regional ecotechnopark was built.

Deputies of the United Russia, Yabloko, KPRF and LDPR factions of the Gdov District Assembly asked President Vladimir Putin to prevent waste import from Pskov. In their opinion, this will increase the load upon the district landfill by six times and create "unpredictable environmental risks". Local residents have launched a petition demanding that Mikhail Vedernikov, the head of the region, abandon plans to use the territory of the Gdov District for household waste landfilling. More than 890 people have signed it at the time of publication.


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