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Competition for the best bomb shelter announced in Chelyabinsk

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The Chelyabinsk authorities have unveiled a competition for the most exceptional bomb shelter, with the results set to be announced in June. However, it remains unclear what the winner of the contest will receive as a prize. The official announcement regarding the competition was posted on the website of the Chelyabinsk administration on April 20th.

The authorities have launched a competition to select the most exceptional bunkers that can accommodate 150, 600, or more individuals. Selection criteria include the level of airtightness, quality of plumbing, availability of communication, efficiency of ventilation equipment, absence of leaks, and location of the keys. The contest results are scheduled to be announced in June.

In a similar vein, the Bryansk region recently organized its first-ever competition for the best maintenance of bomb shelters. Entrants were required to provide up to 20 photographs showcasing the current state of their shelter.

Among Russia's more unique shelter offerings, one standout is a pink bunker in Petrozavodsk featuring a glossy ceiling and chandeliers. It was put on the market for 15 million rubles in November.



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