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Picket for the legalization of self-defense weapon in Kirov

Ярослав Шитов
Ярослав Шитов
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This Sunday, April 13, activists of the "The right to arms" NGO took to the main street with posters "Armed citizen — supporter of the state" and "Arms embargo doesn’t disarm criminals, it attracts them".

They handed out leaflets to passers-by to support a bill allowing mentally adequate citizens of the full legal age to buy and use short-barreled rifled firearms for self-defense. Activists had repeatedly voiced the idea that Russian law-abiding citizen, taking responsibility for owning a personal defense weapon, gets the opportunity to rebuff the perpetrator before the crime to be committed. By the way, the Russian Federation is first in Europe in amount of violent crimes; and very imperfect armory legislation of our country brings heroes of self-defense in guilty in 84 % of cases.

The picket participants stressed that in countries where the law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry short-barreled rifled firearm (in post-Soviet countries — Moldova, Latvia and Estonia, as well as Switzerland, Israel, the U.S. and others) the crime rate is much lower than in countries where it is banned.

The event was coordinated with the city administration, lasted about an hour and didn’t offer any objections of the police.


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