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Farewell to the idea of communism

Игорь Сажин
Игорь Сажин
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I looked at it and thought.

Nowadays it seems that many communists in Russia has long ceased to be supporters of the communist idea. They are most interested in getting power, and that’s why they will seek only those things in the communist era that are convenient for passing to power.

So I am calm about the return of communism in Russia. A political force without any idea is a temporary political gasket. When it would be needed, they would be the first to bury their leaders for political reasons.

The more I have respect to those communists who are deeply aware of the idea of ​​communism as an ideal, as a social value, not as an applied tool for the production of power and money, those of communists who have not succumbed to the charm of Soviet imperialism,  to the charm of resource manipulations and pseudo-corporate spirit of the Soviet era.

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